Viruksham go green movement plantation drive facilitates companies to plant trees for the Honour of Customers, Employees, Dealers, and Stakeholders and we motivate and get everyone on board to create a beautiful green world through the tailor-made co-branded eTreeCertificates program.

Our packages can deliver environmental solutions along with CSR and Marketing solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual business needs:

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Mark company landmarks
  • Start a company plantation
  • Adopt a tree planting project
  • Offset emissions from business operations
  • Or to simply benefit our planet

Employee Engagement

  • Gift a tree to every member of your staff
  • Give a tree gift to honour star performers
  • Plant a grove to honour loyal employees
  • Gift a tree to mark employee birthdays / weddings / babies
  • Allow employees to plant trees through a Payroll deduction program

Honour Business Associates

  • Greet distributors and supply chain partners on birthdays, anniversaries and festivals
  • Recognize distributors, stockists and supply chain partners on achievement of sales targets
  • Honour supply chain partners that conform to green practices

Customer Acquisition

  • Plant trees to welcome new customers
  • Plant a tree to every existing customer
  • Plant trees to greet customers on festivals
  • Gift trees to loyal customers
  • Plant trees to complement the launch of a green product

CSR Tree Plantation

Social Impact

The 1,00,000 trees to be planted will create approximately 8,186 workdays of jobs in the nursery and planting activities alone.

These trees will provide flowers, fruit, fodder and fuel to rural communities and living creatures, improve water catchment, generate oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fight climate change and benefit the species decreasing in numbers.


Please write to us to discuss these ideas or with any questions you have.