Gift Trees & Celebrate your special days!!

Celebrate your special days by planting trees. Be it your birthday, your family member’s birthday, Anniversary or Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid ; celebrate it by planting a tree. This will help us reach our goal of increasing our forest cover to more than 33% of our land area. Let’s together reduce the carbon footprint and leave a beautiful world to the next generation.

Give Back to Nature

It’s time to give back to nature by planting trees to say thank you for everything that you have in your life. The air you breathe, the food you eat and the products you use all come from the same source.

By giving back to nature, you will also be helping other people that don’t have as much as you. A healthier planet will be able to look after more people.

Celebrate it by Planting Trees

Plant a tree to say thank you to mother nature for all she gives you.

Birth Day

A new birth, a birthday, both big days in the life of family and friends and deserving of special recognition. Instead of the same old gift card or baby clothes, why not plant a birthday gift tree with Viruksham.

Gift trees equivalent to your loved one’s age. Mark your own birth each year.


A wedding is a milestone like no other—the joining of two lives and families should be celebrated with an equally meaningful gift. Instead of a traditional wedding present like a crystal vase etc .., why not give the happy couple a wedding tree gift with the Viruksham?

Gift trees as blessings – Mark a union by creating a union with the planet.


Anniversaries are a way to celebrate the love between two people, bringing together friends and family for a joyous occasion to symbolise the connection and happiness. Celebrate another year of marriage with planting a tree with Viruksham.

Mark milestones by building bonds with the Earth.


Festivals are the periods of celebration and an important part of Indian culture. They are a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. We can celebrate festivals by planting trees.

Gift trees equivalent to your loved one’s age. Mark your own birth each year.


Say thank you by planting trees to teachers, doctors, parents and mentors. Planting trees and give them a Go Green E-Certificate gift is the real gift.

Gift trees as blessings – Mark a union by creating a union with the planet.


Achievement Convey pride, celebrate milestones, honour achievement. Celebrate your every achievements with planting a tree with Viruksham.

Tree plantation

Mark milestones by building bonds with the Earth.


How can I gift trees?

You can gift trees on any occasions, you can follow the link provided in the same page or Donate page to gift the trees.

Can I give multiple gifts in a single transaction?

You can gift trees to several people at once. We will ensure that recipients of your unique gift receive the certificate on the dates specified by you.

Can I get an e-certificate?

You will be receiving an e certificate in your mail ID provided during the transaction.

Can I get Income tax exemption?

Mastermind Foundation is an NGO and a non-profit organization eligible for IT exemption, hence, you will be provided with 80G IT exemption on your transaction which will be sent to your mail ID automatically.

Who can I contact for queries?

You can contact the general secretary of the organization Lt Col. N Thiagarajan rtd. Directly through 9962826333 or you can send a mail at