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Rural Livelihood Farmers Support Program

Diversified socio-economic impact

Rural farmers are helped to improve their livelihoods by planting Coconut trees and fruit trees. These trees help promote women’s empowerment and independence, increase biodiversity in the region, reduce poverty and improve greening in some of the driest places. The selected areas where afforestation is carried out are geographically devoid of trees. The aim is to increase green cover, and at the same time help rural farmers enhance their livelihoods through fruiting seedlings.


Why Project Rural Support Program?

Planting and Maintaining Trees in Urban Areas

• National Forest Policy envisages a target of 33% forest and tree
cover for ensuring environmental stability but the total forest and
tree cover of the country is 23.81% leaving a large gap to be
• Helping farmers live a sustainable and a self-reliant life through
rural support program, which provides financial support throughout
their life.

  • Farmers live a sustainable and a self-reliant life
  • Trees modify local climate
  • Trees reduce noise pollution
  • Low urban air temperature

What Is Project Rural Support Program?

Diversified socio-economic impact

• Under the initiative in the year 2022 – 2024 “Rural support
program” has envisioned to plant 2,00,000 ( Two lakh) coconut trees
by adopted villages in Tamil Nādu.

• This project will provide dual benefit.

• It enhance green cover in village area & provide support to rural farmers.

• Helping farmers live a sustainable and a self-reliant life by providing coconut tree saplings
• Two saplings will be provided to each farmer which will provide coconuts throughout the year.
• The coconut & coconut leaves provide financial support to the farmer
• It provides excellent green cover throughout the year.
• Other uses of coconut tree is production of coconut coir which can be user to make products like ropes, mats etc.
• Coir dust is also used as manure to enrich the farmland.

Outcome of the Project

Rural Livelihood Farmers Support Program Implement Process

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Explore Few of Our Recent Projects

“I convey my sincere and profound gratitude on behalf  Team Adyar  for the out standing support from Viruksham in donating free saplings for the plantation drive at INS Adyar”

Capt J Suresh

Commanding Officer, INS Adyar.

I would like to thank Viruksham for the generous support to the Environment Club of SRM, that you make it possible for us to exist and to make the community a great place to Live in.

Col (Dr). Ramchandani

Director Student & Campus Life


We thank all our donors for their generous contribution for the betterment of the society. Your contribution has made all the difference.