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Urban Plantation Program

Tailor-made carbon offset program

Mastermind Foundation’s Viruksham initiative has set a remarkable precedent in the realm of environmental conservation. With the successful plantation of hundreds of thousands of trees across urban landscapes, we’ve pioneered a green revolution that transforms concrete jungles into thriving ecosystems through CSR activities.


Why Urban Forests Matter?

  • Combat air pollution: Trees act as nature’s air purifiers, filtering harmful pollutants and providing cleaner air for healthier communities.
  • Mitigate climate change: Urban forests absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, and contribute to climate change resilience.
  • Enhance biodiversity: Urban forests create habitats for diverse wildlife, fostering ecological balance and enriching urban ecosystems.

Explore Few of Our Recent Projects

Our Ongoing CSR Tree plantation Initiatives

Viruksham’s success story extends across various locations where our initiatives have left an indelible mark:

  • SIPCOT OSR Green belt area: Over 50,000 (fifty thousand) trees planted, transforming urban spaces and creating green corridors under CSR Tree plantation drive.
  • CRPF Green belt area: Collaborative efforts for Tree plantation with Central Reserve Police authorities Over 60,000 (sixty thousand) fruit trees planted in there campus to promote fruit for paramilitary troops and green recreation spaces under CSR Tree plantation corporate programs.
  • Indian Army Green Belt Area: Collaborative efforts for Tree plantation with Indian Army authorities Over 30,000 (Thirty thousand) eco-friendly trees planted in their green belt area through CSR Tree plantation corporate program to promote Green cover and balancing ecological system.
  • University and School: outreach programs fostering environmental education among the youth, and planting seeds of environmental consciousness we have conducted plantation drive at IIIT Chennai, MIT Chennai, Anna University Chennai, Loyola College, SRM University, VIT University, Vels University, KV, NCC Camp, Army Public School, Govt Schools etc… and planted Over 1,00,000 (One Lakhs) trees in there campus to promote green recreation spaces.
SIPCOT OSR Green Belt Area
CRPF Green Belt Area
Indian Army Green Belt Area
0 Lakh+
University and School

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact: Collaborating with Viruksham’s Urban Plantation Drive aligns with carbon offset programs, corporate values of sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Studies have shown that CSR initiatives related to environmental conservation yield substantial benefits:

  • Carbon Offset Trees are nature’s unsung heroes in the fight against climate change. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, converting it into oxygen and storing carbon within their biomass. This process is instrumental in offsetting carbon emissions, effectively reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on our environment.
  • Each tree planted contributes significantly to carbon offsetting. Over its lifetime, a single tree can absorb and store several tons of CO2. This carbon sequestration helps mitigate the adverse effects of industrial processes, transportation, and other human activities that release CO2 into the atmosphere. We provide tailor-made carbon offset programs to neutralize various carbon footprints made by the organization and guide and implement the CSR carbon offset programs effectively.
  • Positive Brand Image: Companies engaging in impactful CSR initiatives like urban plantation drive witness an enhancement in their brand reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among customers and stakeholders.
  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Engaging employees in green initiatives boosts morale and enhances job satisfaction, contributing to a positive work environment.
  • Long-Term Environmental Benefits: Corporate partnerships in urban plantation drives create lasting environmental impacts, contributing to carbon sequestration, temperature regulation, and overall ecological balance.

Partner with Us:

We invite corporate entities to join hands with Viruksham in our mission to create greener, healthier urban environments. Your CSR tree plantation involvement will not only make a tangible difference but also resonate with your commitment to sustainability.

For partnership inquiries and further details, please contact us at 9962826333.

Join Viruksham’s Urban Plantation Drive and be a catalyst for change in creating sustainable urban ecosystems!


We thank all our donors for their generous contribution for the betterment of the society. Your contribution has made all the difference.

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