Viruksham Conducts Massive Plantation Drive on Army Day, Under CSR of FULL Creative Pvt. LTD.

Chennai, 18 Jan 23 – Viruksham, a leading environmental conservation organization, celebrated Army Day by organizing a grand-scale plantation drive aimed at promoting green initiatives and honoring the invaluable contributions of the armed forces. The event took place on 18 Jan 2023 and witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 250 volunteers, including members of the organization, local residents, and distinguished military personnel.

The plantation drive, conducted as a part of the Army Day celebrations, Under the CSR of FULL Creative Pvt. LTD aimed to emphasize the shared commitment towards environmental sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural resources. Under the theme “Go Green for a Sustainable Future,” the initiative aligned with the organization’s ongoing efforts to combat climate change and enhance biodiversity.

The event commenced with a special ceremony at Indian Army, Avadi, Chennai where representatives from Viruksham welcomed the esteemed military guests and expressed gratitude for their unwavering dedication and sacrifices. Col. Bhupender Commandant Ordnance Depot, Avadi, was the chief guest of the program. Dr. Nedunchezhiyan advisor to SRM University, and Dr. Niranjan HOD MGR University was the special guest of the function. Officers of the Indian Army along with 200 personnel and families, who graced the occasion with their presence and highlighted the crucial role the armed forces play in safeguarding our nation.

During the ceremony, Viruksham also recognized the profound significance of Army Day in commemorating the bravery and selflessness of our soldiers. Through the plantation drive, the organization sought to pay tribute to the armed forces while focusing on the urgent need to protect and restore our environment for future generations.

Following the ceremony, the volunteers enthusiastically participated in the plantation activities, diligently planting a variety of native tree species across the designated areas. These efforts not only contributed to the expansion of green cover but also served as a symbolic representation of unity and collective action in addressing environmental challenges.

Viruksham extends its heartfelt appreciation to all the participants, including the local community members and military personnel, for their active involvement and support. Their unwavering dedication to the cause of environmental conservation exemplifies the spirit of Army Day, which embodies strength, resilience, and a commitment to protect and serve our nation.

Also, Viruksham thanked FULL Creative Pvt, which is a responsible corporate entity committed to making a positive impact on society through its various CSR initiatives. Environmental sustainability is one of Husky’s core values, and the organization actively promotes initiatives that contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Through this plantation drive, Viruksham reiterates its commitment to sustainable development and encourages individuals and communities to adopt responsible environmental practices. The organization remains steadfast in its mission to build a greener and healthier future for all.

About Viruksham: Viruksham is a prominent environmental conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring natural resources. Through various initiatives and campaigns, the organization strives to raise awareness about environmental issues, promote sustainable practices, and encourage individuals and communities to take action for a greener future.

Glimpse of the Plantation Drive Under CSR of FULL Creative Pvt. LTD.