Tree Plantation Drive at CRPF Camp, Avadi – Under CSR of KUEHNE + NAGEL 

The Tree Plantation Drive at CRPF Camp, Avadi, was conducted on November 26, 2022, by the Mastermind Foundation, Viruksham under the CSR project of KUEHNE + NAGEL.

KUEHNE + NAGEL, a global leader in logistics and supply chain management, successfully organized a Tree Plantation Drive at the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Camp in Avadi on November 26, 2022. The initiative was part of the company’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project aimed at environmental sustainability and community welfare.

The Tree Plantation Drive witnessed enthusiastic participation from KUEHNE + NAGEL employees, CRPF personnel, and local volunteers, who gathered together to contribute towards a greener and healthier environment. The event was organized in collaboration with the CRPF authorities and received immense support from the local community.

During the plantation drive, a diverse range of saplings, including native trees and medicinal plants, were carefully selected to promote biodiversity and ecological balance. These saplings were procured from reputed nurseries known for their commitment to sustainable cultivation practices.

Officials from the KUEHNE + NAGEL, expressed their gratitude towards the CRPF Camp and the local community for their active involvement in this important environmental initiative. He stated, “At KUEHNE + NAGEL, we firmly believe in the responsibility we hold towards the environment and society. By conducting this Tree Plantation Drive, we aim to make a positive impact on the ecosystem while promoting a culture of sustainability and care.”

The event served as a platform to educate participants about the importance of trees in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, conserving water resources, and supporting biodiversity. Volunteers actively engaged in hands-on activities, learning proper planting techniques and understanding the significance of nurturing and protecting the saplings for their long-term growth.

KUEHNE + NAGEL’s CSR project aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 15 (Life on Land). By organizing such initiatives, the company strives to create awareness about environmental stewardship and encourages others to take similar actions for a sustainable future.

The Tree Plantation Drive at CRPF Camp, Avadi, stands as a testament to KUEHNE + NAGEL’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its dedication to giving back to the communities it operates in. The company plans to undertake further initiatives in collaboration with local authorities and organizations to extend the positive impact of its CSR activities.

About KUEHNE + NAGEL: KUEHNE + NAGEL is a leading global logistics and supply chain management company, providing innovative and integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. With a strong focus on sustainability, KUEHNE + NAGEL aims to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing the positive impact it creates. The company’s CSR initiatives encompass various areas, including environmental conservation, social welfare, and employee well-being.

Glimpse of the Plantation Drive Under CSR of KUEHNE + NAGEL