T.N. Governor Kickstarts Mega Plantation Drive on World Environment Day

On the 1st of June, a remarkable event unfolded in the serene landscapes of Tamil Nadu, as Viruksham NGO, in collaboration with Husky Technologies, celebrated World Environment Day with a grand plantation drive at OD Avadi, Chennai. This environmentally conscious initiative, held under the esteemed patronage of the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Thiru RN Ravi, and Lady Governor, brought together influential personalities, including the GOC DB Area, former DGP Dogra IPS, Founder MMF Dr. Lakshmi TK, and Lt Col N Thiagarajan. The event aimed to emphasize the importance of environmental conservation and inspire individuals to take action in creating a sustainable future.

Honorable Guests Enthrall the Gathering:

The presence of the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Thiru RN Ravi, and Lady Governor, added a sense of prestige to the event. Their support and active participation highlighted the significance of environmental preservation. Their words echoed throughout the gathering, emphasizing the urgent need to protect and restore the planet’s delicate ecosystem. Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Thiru RN Ravi, during his speech, appreciated Mastermind Foundation for the various services extended to humanity towards natural calamities, women empowerment, Mental health, Environment, etc. He also urged everyone to support and contribute to NGOs like Mastermind Foundation.

Joining them were distinguished guests, including Lieutenant General Karanbir Singh Brar GOC DB Area, who lauded the efforts of Viruksham NGO and Husky Technologies for their commitment to environmental causes. The former DGP Dogra IPS brought invaluable insights into the importance of community involvement in maintaining law and order to safeguard the environment. Dr. Lakshmi TK, the founder of MMF, shared her profound knowledge of the interconnectedness of environmental health and overall well-being. Lt Col N Thiagarajan, renowned for his contributions to sustainable development, provided valuable guidance on implementing eco-friendly practices in everyday life.

Planting the Seeds of Change:

The plantation drive commenced with a sense of unity and purpose as volunteers from all walks of life gathered to make a difference. The enthusiastic participants, armed with saplings and gardening tools, took to the field with dedication and fervor. Viruksham NGO had meticulously chosen a variety of 1000 native tree species, which were carefully planted in designated areas. The selection of indigenous trees ensured a harmonious integration into the existing ecosystem and promoted the preservation of biodiversity.

Throughout the day, the air resonated with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared sense of responsibility. Seasoned environmentalists and volunteers exchanged knowledge, ideas, and best practices, encouraging one another to continue the legacy of environmental stewardship.

Creating Lasting Impact:

The plantation drive by Viruksham NGO and Husky Technologies was not just a one-day affair. It served as a stepping stone for long-term environmental preservation. An extensive post-event plan was put in place to ensure the nurturing and maintenance of the planted saplings. Regular follow-ups, periodic inspections, and community engagement initiatives will ensure the sustainability and growth of the newly planted trees.

Furthermore, the event sparked a renewed sense of environmental responsibility among attendees. The ideas and insights shared by the esteemed guests will continue to resonate, inspiring individuals to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. By embracing a greener lifestyle, each person can contribute to the collective effort of mitigating climate change and safeguarding the environment for future generations.


The plantation drive organized by Viruksham NGO, with the support of Husky Technologies, on World Environment Day was a resounding success. It brought together influential personalities, esteemed guests, and dedicated volunteers who shared a common goal of environmental conservation. The event served as a reminder that the responsibility to protect our planet rests upon the collective actions of individuals, communities, and organizations.

Through this initiative, Viruksham NGO and Husky Technologies demonstrated their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable.

Glimpse of the Plantation Drive Under CSR of HUSKY Technologies.