India Yamaha Motors Launches Green Initiative with Tree Plantation Drive

India Yamaha Motors, a key player in the automotive industry, is pleased to announce the successful execution of a plantation drive as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at SIPCOT Vallam Vadagal, Chennai. In this initiative, 181 fully grown trees, including maghizham and pungai, were carefully planted along the road median at SIPCOT Vallam, Vadagal. The planting was accompanied by the installation of tree guards to ensure a conducive environment for the trees’ growth and survival.

The event saw the esteemed presence of dignitaries from India Yamaha Motors, including Mr. Eishin Chihana, Chairman and Managing Director; Mr. Wataru Yamazaki, Director; Mr. S Kumar, Vice President; Mr. P S Ganeshan, Vice President; and Mr. Ajay Mahajan, Vice President. Their participation underscored India Yamaha’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being. Dr. K Nalini, Project Officer at SIPCOT Industrial Park, Vallam Vadagal, added significance to the occasion as a special guest, emphasizing the shared vision for a greener and healthier environment between India Yamaha and SIPCOT.

During his address, Mr. Eishin Chihana highlighted the environmental significance of tree plantation, expressing India Yamaha Motors’ determination to contribute to this crucial cause. He stated, “We are delighted to plant these trees here, contributing significantly to the ecology and environment of the surrounding areas.” The successful execution of the plantation drive was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Viruksham, an initiative of the Mastermind Foundation actively involved in environmental causes. Viruksham played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless implementation of the project.

Lt Col N Thiagarajan, Veteran and General Secretary of Mastermind Foundation, Viruksham, added his experience and expertise to the event, emphasizing the strategic importance of such initiatives in the broader context of environmental conservation. The 181 matured trees planted during the drive will not only enhance the area’s beauty but also stand as a testament to India Yamaha Motors’ commitment to sustainable development. This initiative aligns with the company’s broader CSR goals of promoting environmental conservation and creating a positive impact on the communities it serves.

The initiative is expected to contribute to environmental balance, support birds nesting and migratory birds, provide shade and temperature control in the surrounding areas, and aid in carbon absorption. These 181 fully-grown trees are anticipated to absorb a substantial amount of carbon dioxide, contributing significantly to the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. On average, a mature tree can absorb approximately 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Therefore, the newly planted trees are estimated to absorb over 8,688 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, playing a vital role in mitigating climate change and promoting a healthier environment.

Lt Col N Thiagarajan highlighted the dual benefits of Pungai and Magilam trees, emphasizing their aesthetic appeal and high medicinal value. Various parts of these trees, such as leaves, seeds, and bark, are known for their therapeutic benefits, contributing to our cultural heritage. This statement by Lt Col N Thiagarajan emphasizes the need for a collective effort to conserve and propagate these valuable tree species, aligning with broader environmental conservation goals.

India Yamaha Motors extends gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and partners who contributed to the success of this plantation drive. The company remains committed to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and looks forward to more such initiatives in the future.

About Mastermind Foundation:

Mastermind Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Viruksham, an initiative of Mastermind Foundation, focuses on tree planting and environmental awareness programs.

For more information on CSR tree plantation, please visit Mastermind Foundation and Viruksham.

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